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Clean with ElectroClear

Clean&Recover’s electrochemical reactor solution, ElectroClear, unlocks value for mining companies by recycling acid mining drainage (AMD). Our technology separates the drainage into toxic waste, clean water and metal-rich precipitates that can be reprocessed to recover metals and sulfuric acid. By using our technology, mining companies can reduce their footprint by recycling AMD and transforming it into clean and safe water. The clean water can then be released safely back into the environment or reused on the mining site. This will reduce waste and help rehabilitate communities surrounding mine sites.

AMD Solutions

Currently mining companies treat acid mine drainage as a waste product. We want to convert AMD into an asset by separating and recycling byproducts such as clean water and sulfuric acid.

We do this by using an electrochemical plant to remove the sulfates and metal ions from the drainage and capture them as sulfuric acid and metal precipitates. Then we return the water for mining operations or for environmental release.

Currently, AMD is treated by adding an alkaline agent such as lime or sodium hydroxide to neutralise the acid. This is not only costly but also creates multiple safety and handling issues due to the toxic sludge byproduct that clogs up pipework and has to be disposed of carefully.

In contrast, ElectroClear uses an electrical process to neutralise the drainage, remove the sulfates, and yield clean water. The process is simple, involves no chemicals, flocculants or coagulants. At the same time, it enhances the mine’s environmental credentials and reduces long-term rehabilitation costs for the site.

AMD Solutions

ElectroClear Water Treatment

ElectroClear uses the process of electrodialysis, which is often used in other industries other than mining. The ElectroClear passes an electric current through AMD to draw sulfates across an anion exchange membrane into an anolyte chamber.

As the process proceeds and sulfates are removed across the membrane, the pH of the remaining solution rises, causing dissolved heavy metals to precipitate, and providing a water that is suitable for use or environmental release.

Since the process is electrical, it requires no chemicals, is low cost and simple to operate providing a perfect solution for the mining industry.

Other methods such as lime and sodium hydroxide dosing are; costly, difficult to implement, and produce a toxic sludge byproduct that requires further management.

Chemical Free

Produces Valuable Byproducts

Cleans Water for Use or Release

Supporting Research

Supporting Research

Acid mine drainage (AMD) is a challenge for current and legacy mining operations worldwide given its potential to severely harm ecosystems and communities if inadequately managed. Treatment costs for AMD are amongst the highest in the industrial wastewater treatment sector, with limited sustainable options available to date.

Product Information

Product Information

The Electrochemical Reactor (ECR), is a newly developed technology that treats Acid Mine Drainage with an electrochemical process. The ECR provides a process for neutralising acid and neutral mine drainage (AMD) to produce clean water, sulphuric acid, and processable metal sludges.

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