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Clean Mine Sites
Recycle Water
Restore Ecosystems

Clean&Recover helps mining companies transform waste streams into productive assets. Our mission is to offer simple, dependable solutions that harvest value from mining wastes. We can help you recycle solids and water from tailings, treat acid mine drainage, and help restore mine sites and surrounding communities.

Water Recycling and Acid Mine Drainage

Water is important to a range of mining operations, including washing, minerals processing, and slurry transport.

Water used in mining is often stored in tailings storage facilities, which tie up water resources and are difficult to rehabilitate.

One of the big challenges for mine sites is water that becomes acidic and sulphidic through exposure of sulphate-rich soil to air and water, especially in  the form of acid mine drainage (AMD).

Clean&Recover offers a product to manage these challenges:

ElectroClear transforms the problem of AMD into multiple value streams for users.

The ElectroClear process has won two worldwide mining challenges for the best solution in water treatment.

Sustainable Mining

Towards Sustainable Mining

Mining supports 45 per cent of the world’s economic activities and is a major driver of technological progress.

Mining companies are major users of water and producers of waste water and are looking for new technologies to increase their re-use of water and reduce their impact on the environment.

Clean&Recover has developed solutions to process water from acid mine drainage so that it can be returned for mining operations, and filtering solutions to cheaply dewater tailings for return of water. Our solutions allow for capture of remaining resources in the water, whether they are in the form of dissolved metals or in the form of minerals or fines.


We focus on delivering products that provide maximum value from water, including water fit for mine-site reuse, capture of dissolved metals, and cleaner water for environmental discharge.

Innovation and problem-solving

We aim to puzzle out solutions to mining challenges that deliver a step-change in treatment of the problem.

Products for Sustainability

Our products offer sustainable solutions to enhance the environmental stewardship of mine sites and reduce the costs of rehabilitation.

Strategic Partnerships

We collaborate with key thinkers in industry and research organisations to ensure our technology and methodologies are leading edge.

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